Inauguration Haiku

Published Poems

  1. “What Circling Vultures Tell the Dead” Zetetic, May 2016
  2. “Luminous” Verbatim Found Poetry, May 2016
  3. "honeysuckle gone" haiku in cattails, May 2016
  4. “Wapinepay Heron” Topology Magazine, March 2016
  5. weeding the garden—” The Heron’s Nest, June 2015
  6. “The Drone” Clementine Poetry Journal, April 2015
  7. “Winter Tracking” Clementine Poetry Journal, March 2015
  8. “For We Do Not Know How to Pray” Winged: New Writing on Bees anthology blog, August 2014
  9. “Al-Mutanabbi Street, Baghdad, March 2007” Brethren Life and Thought blog, June 2014
  10. “Some Beliefs About Mountains” A Ritual to Read Together: Poems in Conversation with William Stafford, Woodley Press, November 2013
  11. “Eastern Market Metro Station, Washington, DC” CrossCurrents, 60.1, 2010
  12. “This is What Saves the Valley” CrossCurrents, 60.1, 2010
  13. “She Stands, Still Weeping” CrossCurrents, 60.1, 2010 and DreamSeeker Magazine, Winter 2007
  14. “What Prayer Is” Alba: A Journal of Short Poetry, January 2007

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